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Aqua Reign 

Service Provider

Anaheim, California, United States

The Aqua Reign living water display draws crowds and creates instant captive audiences wherever it is used – making it ideal for exhibitions, shopping malls, reception areas, conferences, and countless other entertainment and leisure uses. Easy to install and use, it is perfect for making instant...
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Lumea Ltd


Tiverton, England, United Kingdom

Lumea’s unique Liquid Wax Candle Lamps are an international bestseller. Designed to use long-burning, smoke-free and odour-free Lumea Liquid Wax Candles (also known as lamp oil or oil candles) they eliminate all the problems associated with traditional wax candles yet offer all the ambience of a...
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EnvironmentalLights.com, Inc.


San Diego, California, United States

At Environmental Lights we are committed to improving the process and outcome for every client by offering best-in-class LED lighting solutions as well as expert advice from our highly-trained technical specialists. Our mission is to deliver excellence for every customer, and every...
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Techni-Lux, Inc.


Orlando, Florida, United States

Founded in 1991, in Orlando Florida, Techni-Lux, Inc. is a multi-faceted lighting manufacturer and distribution company. Techni-Lux was started with the simple premise to provide lighting expertise along with a wide range of quality products at all levels in an ethical, personal and friendly...
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